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The new plan was wanted to be modern and timeless. The design should have focused on the decoration and the careful selection of materials, colors, and textures, natural materials used with wood being the most predominant also brick and texture of concrete, to give an overall warm effect


On the ground floor of the nail and hair salon, wooden rectangular structures were designed, enclosing both the mirrors, the accessory shelves in the area of the hair care, and the sofa at the customers' waiting area. The individual decoration was made with the logo of the company, some small frames related to hairstyle, placed playfully, and core fire sense of plants, that always make the store warmer and cozier. The impressive large mirrors give the impression of a larger store and they simultaneously serve the customers. The cashier and the back wall are lined with brick, which in combination with the concrete at the remaining walls and the wooden floors give a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are displays of wood and iron for advertising products.  

The renovation of this specific Nail and Hair Salon aims at creating a warm and welcoming waiting area for the customers. All the specifics, based on aesthetics and the available budget, have been taken into account. The result is the creation of a modern and simultaneously timeless, warm, and welcoming store with the help of natural materials and some special decorative elements that enhance the identity of the salon. 

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