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Mr. Keshav Dutt Pant Residence

Lucknow, Uttar pradesh


The massing and the setback of the new two-level house were designed to fit within the existing fabric of the street. The resulting building is modest in scale but has a spacious, light interior. The building exterior consists of dark and stone cladding and it blends seamlessly with the surrounding green environment and brick homes.

Large operable windows and ceiling fans moderate the need for air-conditioning in summer. Natural light floods in from a skylight above the stairwell floor-to-ceiling windows along the side walls. All floors are of standard brickwork and serve as heat sinks for cooling in the summer months and radiant floor heating in the winter.

The house was built to suit a family of five. It is a home that was designed to meet the aspirations of its inhabitants both now and in the future.

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